We’re using the sun to power our business.

When the sun delivers free energy every single day, it makes sense to tap that energy source. So, at West Lynn Painters and Panelbeaters, we recently got solar power experts Lightforce to install an eco-friendly solar generation system.

With 156 solar panels mounted on the roof, plus two 25kW inverters, we now have the capability to generate a yearly average of 76,650kWh which will offset a large amount of our power bill and help us operate more sustainably.

Solar energy is ideal for a business like ours, which uses large amounts of power during the day. Even on weekends and holidays, when the business is closed, we can benefit by selling electricity back to the grid. It also has the benefit of being an endlessly renewable energy source.

Drago and the team are pleased with the shift to solar. He says, “It’s great to be part of the movement towards a greener electricity system. It’s also very cost-effective and reliable, which is important to a business like ours.”